Sheet Metal enclosed type Primary & Secondary
filter with centrifgual fan arrangement

The filter is the heart of any waste evacuation system. VXL systems offers primary and secondary drum type filter designed exclusively for today’s textile units. They can also be offered separately to meet the mill’s specific requirements.

All of VXL’s filters are manufactured out of 3mm thick sheet metal, that is then fabricated to accurate dimensions, powder coated to perfection and assembled on site to give the customer exceptional performance. The capacity for these machines ranges from 30,000 m3/hr to 1,35,000 m3/hr.

The primary waste is collected in a fibre compactor / a fibre separator compactor through a ventilator and the secondary dust is discharged through a microdust compactor. The requried suction is created by our Ultra high effeciency centrifugal fan. The filtered air is taken either for recirculation or exhausted. VXL also offers filters in civil construction.


  • The primary filter has a sturdy stainless steel mesh fitted to primary discs, that ensures longevity and fire resistance.
  • The secondary filter has an in built cleaning mechanism which cleans the fabric continuously.
  • For easy installation purpose, inlet adapters are provided with predesigned openings to connect waste pipelines.
  • The close contact of the nozzles ensures that a vaccuum is maintained with minimal power, while sucking the micro dust from the filter media.
  • The integrated construction saves space.
  • The drive is easy to access and maintain as it is in the clean air side.
  • The waste is compacted, hence it is hassle free to dispose.
  • The mass of moving parts is much lower in comparison to a rotating filter drum.
  • Pipelines have been designed to provide the ideal suction for blowroom and cards, as specified by the manufacturer.


Continuous waste collection for Blowroom and Cards. It can be used for all brands of cards
including LMW, Rieter, Trützschler and Crosrol.


Primary filter

The primary filter from VXL Systems is a rotating disc type filter with a SS mesh as filter media. The incoming air to the primary filter, has a high concentration of waste that is discharged from Blowroom and Carding machines.

This incoming air is addressed to the lower side of the filter screen and as the air passes through the filter media it deposits all the coarse particles/fibers on it. These particles are then sucked through a radial nozzle and ejected to a compactor.

Secondary filter

The fine dust passing through the primary filter is filtered in the secondary filter. In VXL’s secondary filters the air passes from inside to outside in contrast to filters from other manufacturers. A set of nozzles that continuously rotate and traverse, clean the inside of the drum to continuously remove the micro dust from the filter media. As already mentioned, the nozzle is in contact with the filter media and removes micro dust effectively. The whole system has been designed aero-dynamically to minimise any effeciency losses.

Centrifugal Fan

The centrifugal fans that accompany the filters have been designed to give the best performance and save energy. Reducing energy costs is one of the top priorities of any industry owner and years of research have gone into the ultra-high efficient fans developed by VXL. Based on the site condition different types of discharge like upward, horizontal or angular are offered.

Our new range of ultra-high effeciency fans can be retorift onto any brand of filter systems. The capacity of our centrifugal fan ranges from 30,000 m3/hr to 1,00,000 m3/hr. The Centrifugal fan model can be chosen based on the air volume and static pressure requirements.

Microdust/Cyclone Compactor

This is a specially designed compactor that is used to compact the huge amount of micro-dust.