Fibre Compactor (Vertical)

These type of compactors are generally used in intermittent waste evacuation systems. This uses an indigenously designed perforated cone as filter mdeia and can handle upto 150 kgs/hr of waste. A vertical fibre comapctor can handle a maximum air quantity of 4,500 m3/hr. It is a versatile system that can be used for primary waste collection or in auto bailing systems.

Fiber Seperator Compactor

This type of compactor is widely used in continuous waste evacuation systems, like in combers. The filtration is done using a filter cloth and this type of compactor can handle the waste upto 75 kgs/hr with a filtration level of 220 microns. VXL systems has developed various models of FSC’s based on the air quantity that needs to be handled, starting from 9000 m3/hr (FSC-09) to 21,000 m3/hr (FSC-21).

Micro Dust/ Cyclone Compactor

This is a specially designed compactor that is used to compact the huge amount of micro-dust.