Auto Baling Systems

Silo Type

When there is generation of different types of waste with different quantities, VXL systems uses an intermittent method of suction to transport the waste and stores them to silos. Based on the type and the quantities, multiple silos can be connected to one Auto Bale press. This also eliminates the need of a booster fan to suck the waste from the Silo.

Conveyor Type

Conveyor type Baling is a power efficient baling system to bale one or a maximum of two types of waste. In this method the conveyor itself acts as an intermediary storage system and can be installed in buildings with a low ceiling height in comparision to silos.

Central Baling Type

VXL systems has developed a unique concept with a central baling station. The waste from various locations is transported over long distances to a centrally located baling station. At the baling station, there is a perfect mix of silos and conveyors connected to bale presses that serve the entire mill. The additional power cost used in transporting the waste over longer distances is marginal in comparision to the savings in manpower cost, reduction in capital cost and convenience of use.