Complete solution (Central Baling) for
waste handling including Autobaling

In mills where there are different types of waste being generated at difference locations, VXL systems has developed a unique concept with a central baling station. The waste from various locations is transported over long distances to a centrally located baling station.

At the baling station, there is a perfect mix of silos and conveyors connected to bale presses that serve the entire mill. The additional power cost used in transporting the waste over longer distances is marginal in comparision to the savings in manpower cost, reduction in capital cost and convenience of use.


  • Use of touch screen based PLC’s achieves a high level of automation that is user-friendly and easy to handle.
  • Automatic bale machine achieves uniform bale weight.
  • High quality conveyor belts are used for hassle free performance.
  • All safety measures are ensured.
  • Eliminates the possibility of mixing of waste.
  • Intermittent transport of waste reduces overall power consumption and capital cost.


Silo & Conveyor

When there is generation of different types of waste with different quantities, VXL systems transports and stores the waste in silos. Based on the types of waste, multiple silos are used. In addtion to Silos, conveyors are also used depending on the quantity of waste being handled.

Fibre Compactor (Vertical)

The waste that is collected from various points, is first passed through a fiber compactor and delivered to a Silo or Conveyor based on the system.

Auto Bale Press

The auto bale press has been designed keeping in mind VXL’s philosophy of quality and trouble free usage. The system has been automated to work with multiple silos and a maximum of two conveyors. With automated controls, a high level of customisation ensures that the silos are emptied in a pre determined order to achieve uniform bale weight. It is also installed with a conveyor type system based on the waste being handled.